Searching for the Perfect Casino

Is there a perfect casino?

To some gamblers, there is. It's the gambling house where luck seems abundant, to them, that is. Every gambler ought to find the perfect casino.

First, the general rule is that most casinos have an overall winning chance of 30 percent. Some houses have lesser. The point is that at the end of the day, the house comes out the winner by some 30 percent. The rest 70 percent is distributed to the gamblers during the day. So a perfect casino is one that gets considerably lesser than 30 percent wins per day. So start scouting for a casino with such a winning share.

So, upon entering casinos watch first the dealers in card games. How often do they rake in wins? What's the proportion between winning and losing among the gamblers and among the dealers. If there are more gamblers winning than the times when dealers win, then the card game section of that casino makes for a perfect gambling section.

Now we go to the roulette section of the casino. As a rule there are 35 to 37 chances of losing in a number bet in roulette. Not too many winning chance there, it seems. But because the game is easy to play---all one has to do is choose a number and color and bet on them---it's one of the favorite hang outs of gamblers. Observe how many times gamblers get to bet on lucky numbers and colors that the white ivory balls settles on, and how many times the gamblers get nothing. If gamblers win more times than they lose---even for small wins---then perhaps, we may have a perfect roulette section in that casino.

Then the slots. Some say yielding slots are often placed near a casino's chip counter or main door to attract attention during big hits. The less yielding slots are placed in less peopled areas of a casino---if there's such a place. If there are more hits, then the slots portion of that casino may be perfect a perfect slotting section.

Of course, we also consider the ambience and amenities in the casino. What else is available aside from gambling? Are there spas or shops or cafes or restaurants or shows? These things also make for a perfect casino.

A perfect casino is not just a place where winnings always favor gamblers, it's also a place where a stressful gambling atmosphere is balanced with the opportunity, sights and sounds for relaxation and entertainment.