Beat the Casinos with Match Play Coupons

Casino Coupons

Casino coupons are like comps. Present them in the casino and you can avail of all kinds of free stuff and extras. There are coupons for event tickets, 2 for 1 meals, free bets, etc. You probably get casino coupons mailed to you if you are a regular player. If not, you can find them in gambling magazines. When you buy a travel package or check into a hotel, you can also get a set of these coupons known as a "funbook."

Match Play Coupons

One of our favorite casino coupons of all is known as the Match Play Coupon. It is of special interest to advantage players who want to get the most value out of everything they do in the casino. You can think of it as a free bet or extra bet. A match play coupon entitles you to special payoffs if you win a bet. The payoff varies from one coupon to another. Match play coupons are limited to table games and are usually valid for even bets only, such as red/black bets in roulette.

How to Use a Match Play Coupon

To use a match play coupon, you make a bet and place your coupon next to your bet. If you win, you will be paid the regular payout for that bet plus the coupon value. So if you have a $25 coupon, you wager that amount. If you win, you get paid $25 for your original bet plus another $25 for the coupon. Should you have a $10/$5 coupon instead, you get paid $10 for a $10 bet plus $5 for the coupon.

Why Match Play Coupons are Useful

Casino games have a built-in house edge. That means the casino will always earn more money than they pay out in the long run. Casinos achieve this by not paying for the true value of a winning bet. In other words, if you bet and you win, you get paid slightly less than what your wager is really worth. Case in point: roulette. When you bet on the red, your chances of winning are always less than 50% thanks to the zero(s). Yet when you win, you are paid only even money. The discrepancy is the house edge.

But that changes when you use a match play coupon. With a match play coupon, you get paid more for your bet. That can mean gaining the edge over the house. Some coupons pay 2 for 1, others 3 for 1 and more. See how useful it is?

Nothing like beating the enemy with its own weapon, huh?